On Baggage

I’m on my way home after a five day four night pleasure trip to New York City.

But before I get to my traveling journal I would like to address a growing problem to the International and Continental Federal Aviation Administration. This “carry-on bag” thing is OUT OF FUCKING CONTROL. Jesus Christ almighty.

These people, they can roll their stupid stuff all over the airport at lightening speed only to arrive at the gangway to bring everything to a screeching damn halt. They plug up the aisle so tight I’m scared I might get toxic shock syndrome just standing there.

The frantic search for space in the overhead bins is downright sad. WHAT ARE YOU PEOPLE DOING FOR THE LOVE OF GOD….just look at yourself. Is this really the way you want to live your life? Scrapping like a bunch of starving chickens?

I blame the airlines completely. I get it, people are in a hurry, people should not have to pay extra to check a bag. But something needs to change. I propose one backpack per person and that is it. If you cannot fit all your life or death necessities into one backpack then you need to stay your ass at home anyway and reevaluate your life.



09 June 2019

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