On “The Journey”

“Life is a Journey”…Life is a journey my ass. Who comes up with this shit?

A boat trip to The Holy Land might be a journey. A pilgramage to Lumbini might be a journey. An all-inclusive to the Golden Temple or to the Shrine of the Bab mighty qualify. But life is not a journey.

Life is waking up every day in the same house, going to the same job, talking to the same people. Life is washing the same clothes, eating the same food and watching the same TV shows. Life is life. Life is right now.

To be on a journey is to implicate going to some place other than where you are. So in that case, yeah, life is a journey alright. A journey right into a hole carved out beneath 12,000 pounds of Georgia red clay (if you live in Georgia of course) or if your family is a bunch of cheapskates your journey may end at about 1800 degrees Fahrenheit.

Now I’m not here to debate about the after life. Really, I am a terrible debater. I don’t know about all that family reunion in the sky business. I mean, I would love to see my Granddaddy again. (Do you think he will slide me a twenty for no good reason like he used to? I would love that.) Since I am a card-toting Southern Baptist I feel my chances for an invite to the homecoming are vastly improved despite all the cussing and occasional shop lifting. (Of course I don’t shop lift on purpose– jeezus everybody calm down)

The point I am trying to make is this, why do you want to be some place in life other than where you are in this moment?

If your life is filled with discontentment and to feel better you want to believe you are on some sort of a “journey”, remember this—if you grab a snake in the middle or at the tail you will no doubt get bitten, but if you grap the snake behind the head like the total bad-ass you are, then you will circumvent getting gnawed on by a couple of long sharp teeth.

Face your demons. Fix your shit. Because some place else might be better but guess what, that is not going to help you right now.



31 May 2019

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