I made the title of my blog Self because it seemed like a cool name at the time (15 minutes ago) and also it will supply me with an endless topic to write about, particularly, My-self.

So anyway, back to my blog (because I want to inspire people)…

These are the facts. Being selfish is bad. Being selfless is good. These are indisputable, one-hundred percent FACTS. I know this because I learned it at First Baptist Church in the early 70’s.

After I grew up and I really started to think about it, it became this whole thing. Is being self-ISH really a bad thing? And what do I consider self-ISH? When am I being totally self-LESS? Can I ever be truly totally self-LESS?

So that’s why I have become against thinking in general. All it does is lead to confusion which leads to worrying which leads to anxiety which leads to eating a bunch of powdered donuts (and if it is a brand new bag, holy shit). Like I said. Thinking is the whole problem. If you really want some powered donuts my suggestion is that you forego all the thinking and just eat the goddamn donuts. The stoic philosophers in Ancient Rome would probably disagree with this school of thought because it is completely irrational to eat an entire bag of powdered donuts for no good reason as would Dr. David Perlmutter because he discovered that gluten is the root cause of all the health problems in the entire universe.

I mean, everybody knows that eating powdered donuts is a bad thing no matter what. This an indisputable, one-hundred percent fact.


15 May 2019

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